Making a Waldorf Doll

Waldorf dolls are so beautiful and comforting. Aren’t we all drawn to the idea of making beautiful, simple things with our own hands? I think that’s a big part of falling in love with Waldorf Education. 

So I wanted to pass along a neat-looking opportunity for you to check out. Elizabeth over at Handwork Homeschool is offering a Waldorf Doll Make-A-Long! And it’s FREE. Starts March 30.

Making a Waldorf Doll Workshop

I have funny doll stories to share. My oldest two children are boys and I was determined to make them dolls. I finally did it when a group of us Moms got together to order supplies and encourage each other in our making. We’d meet at coffee shops and sew a little, talk a little, eat a little. And finally, after probably a year, I finished the first doll. My oldest son named his doll Bali. Then came the second doll, who was named Sarah. 

Well, my boys were not so interested in the carefully stitched clothing and accessories for their dolls as they were in strapping them onto their trucks and flinging them across the room. They would even bind the dolls with ropes to pulley them up to the shelf in the closet that was their little hideout! 

But I have to also share, that every night when I would tuck them into bed, we could never turn out the lights until Bali and Sarah were tucked in too.

When my daughter came along, just being totally honest here, it took me so long to try sewing her a doll of her own that I finally bought one. I just couldn’t get the doll finished – I still have the pieces and parts – but I didn’t want her to lose out on this experience. Her dolly was also named Sarah! And I sure wish Elizabeth had been around at Handwork Homeschool offering a Waldorf Doll Make-A-Long class for me to join!

Here’s to many happy dolly hugs.


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