Plan It Out

an Online Group Coaching Program
for Waldorf Homeschoolers

Group Coaching Program
Prepare for Your Homeschooling Lessons
in Just 3 Weeks.

Are you tired of too many late nights searching and searching for what to do for your next main lesson block? Do you wish you could create a solid plan that feels complete yet flexible? Then Plan It Out is for you!

This simple group coaching program will walk you through the 6 steps to planning your year. With two specific tasks to complete each week, you will create your unique plan. Plus get coaching from me and feedback as you work through the steps.

Next Session: February 4 - 23, 2018

    • New Lessons every Sunday & Wednesday for 3 weeks
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Thursdays at 2:00pm EDT (recordings available)
    • Private Facebook Group for participants
    • BONUS: Get 25% off Planning for Waldorf Homeschooling & Mentor Sessions with Jean
    • Option to Add On monthly Group Coaching Calls for 3 months following Plan It Out
    • Lifetime Access to the Lessons & Facebook Group

    In this Online Group Coaching Program, You Will...

    • Create Your Plan

      Choose your blocks, create weekly and daily rhythms that work for you, and set up a system for lesson planning. Plus decide where inner work fits in.

    • Choose Resources

      Decide which resources to use for which blocks by choosing a main reader plus supplementary resources. Find out what others recommend.

    • Get Coaching

      Work through the steps with others in a private Facebook group and get coaching on weekly live Q & A calls. Plus option for 3 follow-up sessions.

    Hi, I'm Jean!

    And in my many years of homeschooling,
    I have witnessed how the arts really do spark joy
    and make the learning memorable,

    just as the founder of Waldorf education,
    Rudolf Steiner, said they do.

    My mission is to empower and inspire you
    to create your very own Waldorf homeschooling plan
    that's doable and sustainable.
    Bringing you focus, confidence, and courage.  

    You need a clear plan of action in
    order to bring the lively arts to life.

    What you don't need is to spend tons of time obsessing
    over which curriculum to buy or story to read.

    And if you have more than one child in more than one grade!?
    It's enough to make a mother go out and buy dull, boring workbooks!
    (Or stay up until 2am searching and searching.)

    Plan It Out
    In this 3-week online group coaching program,
    you will create a plan that's unique to you
    and your family. All with my help.

    My work at Waldorf-Inspired Learning is dedicated to
    Mamas just like you who want to create their own customized
    Waldorf curriculum to suit the needs of their unique family.

    So you can feel more relaxed and your children more engaged. 

    Join me for this
    group coaching program

    Check Out What People Are Saying About This Program

    The structure of this course is founded on years of experiential learning, for which there is no replacement. As a beginning homeschooler, I felt at ease with the process. It's hard to imagine how I would have pieced the school year together in such an organized fashion without Plan it Out. The pace of the course is steady and allows for real personal growth. I could not recommend a more complete approach to Waldorf homeschool planning. Jean is so enjoyable to work with - an honest wisdom with a clear passion for learning. Our homeschool plans are deeply enriched, what a blessing.


    I am so thankful I had the opportunity to participate in this course. As a Mom of three preparing to embark on first grade, I leave this course with confidence and a year planned out. We not only created a big picture plan to guide our year, but also sculpted our weekly and daily rhythms. The Facebook group gave opportunity for fruitful daily discussions about the nitty-gritty of home life while schooling. The live calls were my favorite part. I know I am not the only one who left uplifted and significantly less anxious than before the call began. Jean is lovely, helpful, and gives you the confidence you need to do this. I highly recommend!


    Plan It Out

    an Online Group Coaching Program for Waldorf Homeschoolers

    February 4 - 23, 2018

    Program Fee: $97

    Registration will open January 1st, 2018