Planning for Waldorf Homeschooling: Keeping It Simple

Do you have shelves and shelves of books and even curriculum but still aren't sure what to do next? Have you ever wanted to sit down with an experienced Waldorf homeschooler and ask how she plans, organizes, and keeps her homeschool going?

Painlessly plan your next block without spending all those late night hours endlessly searching and searching for ideas.

This guidebook will show you how to create a simple framework for your year, month, week, and day that's just right for your family. Plus give you the encouragement and tools you need to stay focused on that plan.

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This guidebook is also included in the Plan It Out program.  A 3-week online group coaching program where you make a plan for your homeschooling year with Jean's support and the support of an online community. Find out more here.

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In this Guidebook, You Will Discover...

  • Your Plan

    Design your own Waldorf homeschooling curriculum plan. Build main lesson blocks that weave in all of the specials, such as painting and drawing, movement and handwork.

    Truly DIY Waldorf homeschooling! (Which is exactly what Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, had in mind.)

  • Your Set Up

    Use a simple process for planning your main lesson blocks in six steps, and create the framework to keep your homeschool running smoothly.

    There are sample planning forms and schedules for you to use as a model. And quotes on education and learning to keep you inspired.

  • Your Resources

    Choose nourishing stories to build your main lesson blocks around so that you can form strong connections with your children and family.

    Full-page charts  of resources for each grade list my favorite resources for each block. That’s over 200 quality resources referenced for your Waldorf homeschooling lessons.

With this guide, you can design your own Waldorf homeschooling curriculum even if you've never planned a lesson in your life.

AND use all the resources and curricula you already own!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Guidebook

I am loving your planning guidebook! It has given me the freedom to simplify; to make lessons easy and doable. I keep coming back to the idea of making lessons so simply that I can do them through anything. This never occurred to me; I had been aiming for “perfect” lessons and disappointed myself and children when I could not make that mark. 

Thank you for such a wonderful book!

Sabrina, homeschooling mother

 I can’t thank you enough for your planning guide.  I have a variety of guides along with a 1st grade syllabus, but yours is the most helpful of all I’ve read from a practical standpoint. 

As I begin to plan for next year, I will certainly benefit from the wisdom and experience you’ve put into this guide in many, many ways.  It is truly a bright light for my Waldorf-inspired homeschooling path.

Carly, homeschooling mother

PRICE: $27.00

Available individually by clicking above, or as part of the Guidebooks Bundle.

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Table of Contents

    • The Essence of Waldorf Education
    • Stages of Child Development
    • Basic Steps to Planning
    • The Four Rhythms of the Year
    • The Planning Process & Tips
    • Specials: Circle Time, Form Drawing & Handwork
    • Block Charts for Grades 1-8
    • Quotations to Inspire
    • My Favorite Resources on 10 Different Topics
    • Forms for Planning Your Yearly, Weekly, & Daily Rhythms

    About Jean

    Jean Miller is the founder of Waldorf-Inspired Learning. She has twenty plus years of Waldorf homeschooling experience as the mother of three children. Her mission is to empower and inspire homeschooling Mamas to create their own personalized Waldorf homeschooling plan for their family that's practical, doable, and sustainable.

    You can read more about Jean here. 

    WHAT I LIKE BEST (from a happy customer):

    • The First Waldorf School - I haven't seen that discussion in any other guide I've read, and I'm very eager to read more!
    • Inspirational Quotes - Several now grace my refrigerator.
    • Simple Forms - if you could see the complicated forms I made up for myself last summer while planning our first homeschool year...I made it so much more complicated than it needed to be! LOL. I especially love the form that includes the daily and weekly rhythms and meal ideas.  
    • The Environment Section - a small paragraph with a huge impact on how I'm organizing our space. Your suggestion about clearing the clutter and 2 baskets per child. Brilliant! 
    • Tips for Planning - some gold nuggets in this list! My great challenge is fitting in all the housekeeping along with the schooling, so I appreciate your practical suggestions that speak to this.
    • Resource List - The limited number of titles keeps the overwhelm at bay, and is, again, very helpful.
    • Finally, the reminder you give that "all education is self-education and this is only the beginning" eased some built-up anxiety. I needed the reminder that this is a learning journey for EVERYONE!!